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Get the help you need for spousal and family member petitions, removal proceedings, adjustment of status, citizenship and other immigration matters.


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Through establishing a trust, you can ensure that your loved ones avoid the expense and hassle of probate court.


At our firm, we believe in doing what is right for our clients — not what is simply most profitable for us. Therefore, we will give you honest advice and representation to help you to resolve issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Our firm handles a range of legal transactions on behalf of our clients, including:

  • Immigration — We can assist with asylum applications, family petitions, citizenship applications and other matters.
  • Trusts and Wills — We will work with you to establish the estate planning documents you need to meet your goals.
  • Expungement — We will help you clear your criminal record and start fresh.

We are dedicated to providing an honest assessment of your situation and realistic potential outcomes. No matter what legal situation you are facing, we will work hard to help you obtain the best possible resolution.

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When you hire The Law Offices of David M. Livingston, you get quality legal services with a personal touch. In addition, we are accessible and easy to contact throughout your case, providing timely updates as things progress.

Especially relevant, attorney David Livingston has spent his legal career helping clients in the Los Angeles area. Consequently, he is deeply familiar with California court procedures and has a reputation for providing hands-on, straightforward legal services to those he serves. As your lawyer, he will take the time to understand your legal situation, and work diligently to resolve it as quickly and effectively as possible.




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America is an amazing place because of our immigrants, and our beautiful country always has been. We have seen in Los Angeles, CA; how the driven work ethic, skills and determination of new residents have made this country culturally diverse, virtuous and strong. At The Law Offices of David M. Livingston, our extensive experience has shown that the need for an Immigration Lawyer has been increasing as our immigration policies become tighter. Yet the process of obtaining legal status in the United States will continue to be more and more difficult.

However, The Law Offices of David M. Livingston will increase your probability of success by resting assured that we will not only give you piece of mind, but will effectively resolve your family based and other immigration needs. We are experienced and dedicated in our practice of immigration law. In addition, we are knowledgeable in Asylum, Family-Based, Work Authorization and Criminal Immigration. Most of all, David M. Livingston is your quality choice for a focused, professional and most importantly, a knowledgeable Immigration Attorney. So, call us today to schedule your consultation appointment and feel free to ask any questions you may have! Also, everything you share with us will always be confidential. We are your legal help when and how you need it.

Furthermore, The Law Offices of David M. Livingston is dedicated to a successful outcome of your Immigration Law matter in Los Angeles County.

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It is critical to use the services of a licensed and professional attorney. Therefore, DO NOT use notarios or any other immigration consultants or services they cannot successfully represent you. We will listen carefully to your concerns and experiences. We will then do whatever it takes to achieve a positive resolution to your immigration problem.